Welcome to the django-tinymce documentation

django-tinymce is a Django application that contains a widget to render a form field as a TinyMCE editor.

  • Use as a form widget or with a view.
  • Enhanced support for content languages.
  • Integration with the TinyMCE spellchecker.
  • Enables predefined link and image lists for dialogs.
  • Support for django-staticfiles
  • Can compress the TinyMCE Javascript code.
  • Integration with django-filebrowser.

The django-tinymce code is licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE.txt file in the distribution. Note that the TinyMCE editor is distributed under the LGPL v2.1 license.

Starting with django-tinymce v1.5.1 TinyMCE editor is bundled with django-tinymce to enable easy installation and usage. Note that django-tinymce and TinyMCE licenses are compatible (although different) and we have permission to bundle TinyMCE with django-tinymce.