• Fixed mutable default argument in widget code.
  • Fixed the external list example in the documentation.
  • Fixed documentation and test code to use db_field.formfield instead of forms.CharField.
Release 1.5 (2009-02-13):
  • Updated Google Code CSS location.
  • Fixed a compressor crash when ‘theme’ configuration was omitted.
  • Added a note in the documentation about Python-JSON type conversion.
  • Fixed the filebrowser integration when serving media from a different domain.
  • Fixed flatpages example code in documentation.
  • Added support for the preview plugin.
  • Added “‘relative_urls’: False” to the default settings to fix integration with django-filebrowser.
Release 1.4 (2009-01-28):
  • Fixed bugs in compressor code causing it not to load.
  • Fixed widget media property.
Release 1.3 (2009-01-15):
  • Added integration with django-filebrowser.
  • Added templates to source distribution.
  • Updated TinyMCE compressor support: copying media files no longer required.
Release 1.2 (2008-11-26):
  • Moved documentation from Wiki into repository.
Release 1.1 (2008-11-20):
  • Added TinyMCE compressor support by Jason Davies.
  • Added HTMLField.
Release 1.0 (2008-09-10):
  • Added link and image list support.
  • Moved from private repository to Google Code.


tinymce was written by Joost Cassee based on the work by John D’Agostino. It was partly taken from his code at the Django code wiki. The TinyMCE Javascript WYSIWYG editor is made by Moxiecode.

The TinyMCE compressor was written by Jason Davies based on the PHP TinyMCE compressor from Moxiecode.